Our partners: Cooperations for consulting and coaching

Depending on the size of the project and the contextual focus we work together with the following high-caliber consultants:

Jürgen Lehmann

Jürgen Alexander Lehmann, born in 1968, is coach and senior consultant for strategy development and change management.

He is founder of Lehmann.Partner. Strategy and carrier consulting plus the Xploy consultants group for organizational development.

Following studies in social education, training in psychology and comprehensive training as a human resources and organization developer, he started his career as a project manager for team development and change management in a consulting company specializing in small and midsized businesses.

He then switched to a renowned consulting company for management, human resources and organization.

He became a member of the management board there. After a further change he led a consulting company specialized in change management for over five years.

Based on his many years of consulting experience Jürgen Lehmann supports small and midsized businesses, conglomerates and energy providers in innovations involving strategy, organizational development and human resources.

In addition, he obtains mandates from managers in private enterprises.


Birgit Beutel

Birgit Beutel, born in 1962, has been a self-employed trainer, consultant and coach since 1999. Her main areas of focus are:

  • Systematic consulting of individuals and organizations in change processes
  • Systematic coaching of managers
  • Training courses on leadership, behavior, communication, moderation, stress and time management

After studying health education with special emphasis on integrated teaching and learning, she gained professional and leadership experience for fifteen years in various areas of responsibility in sales and medicine.
Diverse courses and advanced training qualify Birgit Beutel as a high-caliber coach and consultant for companies and organizations:

  • Advanced education as a systematic consultant (certified by the Systemische Gesellschaft)
  • Advanced education as a systematic coach (DNLVP)
  • Trainer and moderator training at Neuland & Partner
  • NLP Practioner - Business (DNLVP)



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