Consulting and coaching with vision

Our vision is the inspired, culturally-open creative and fulfilling cooperation with people within intercultural organizations and networks.


bluebridges stands for the development of a posture of cultural openness that powerfully transcends the differences between people, sexes and cultures. After all, those who want to shape the corporate future do not get bogged down in rigged assumptions or ideas. In an interculturally tightly-networked world, our customers demand customized strategies to form lasting success.

We provide substantiated-sophisticated concepts and instruments for international large-scale enterprises along with management consulting and coaching for small and midsized businesses. The focal areas of our consulting are:

  • Intercultural and culture-changing strategy consulting
  • Intercultural and culture-changing organizational development
  • Team development/human resources development
  • Systemic consulting


Culturally-open & creative

Culturally-open means "with and beyond cultural orientation". In management consulting, coaching and change management we use both the participants' cultural strengths as well as resources which connect people at a deeper level.

Creative means being capable of imaginative thought and practical action.

Culturally-open creativity describes a qualified form of culturally shaped collaboration in companies. Synergetic effects empower the participating people to put their respective cultural and individual expertise into new organizational cultures or organization-developing relationships. The consequence is mutual, goal-oriented, continuous shaping. This varied expertise available at any time applies to the following areas: Subject areas, experiences, ideas, information, knowledge, forms of communication and expression, products and services.

We consider culturally-open, creative management consulting to be the ability to initiate, conceptually design, methodically implement, exemplary reflect and evaluate procedurally within intercultural collective creative thought and creation processes in intercultural teams (virtual teams, small and large groups).
Together with our customers we learn and practice culturally-open creativity during consulting or coaching. The thus changed attitudes and behaviors enable a targeted opening of interculturally concealed, obstructed, forbidden or disregarded human or organizational resources. Based on that, strategic, visionary or operational solutions for organizational challenges emerge.

bluebridges develops culturally-open creative process designs. We accompany the corresponding change processes of our customer's organization. Moderated awareness, opening and creative techniques in large and small groups are methodical components of this process. We use these to open the potential in international organizations for innovative solutions, forward looking structures, new product ideas, improved services and ingenious strategies.

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