Consultancy is our passion. Involvement, emotion and analytical precision are interconnected with comprehensive intuition. We develop lasting solutions for our customers: Entrepreneurs, top managers and teams from the international life sciences industry along with individuals in the intercultural environment.


The Vision

Our vision is the inspired, culturally-open creative and fulfilling cooperation with people in intercultural organizations and networks.


blue bridges stands for the creation of an attitude of cultural openness that does not adhere to the concept of the difference between people, sexes and cultures. Those who want to form the future should not come to a standstill with old familiar suppositions or ideas.

In an intercultural nearly-completely networked world, our customers demand challenge-adapted concepts to design their lasting success. We offer our clients customized concepts and instruments for intercultural strategic, organizational, team and human resource development.

Achieving corporate strategic targets in internationally contested markets takes place in cooperation with a number of culturally diverse, linguistically-disassociated and inhomogeneous groups, employees and partners.


Culturally open & creative

Culturally open means "with and beyond cultural orientation", i.e., during the consultation and change process we use as resources both the participants' cultural strengths as well as that which connects people at a deeper level.

Creativity signifies the ability for creative thinking and acting.

Culturally open creativity paraphrases a creatively qualified form of culturally aware and culturally formative collaboration. Synergistic effects emerge, which enable the participants to put culturally and individually distinct expertise into new organization-cultural or organization-developing relations and to continue developing, mutually target- focused. These various kinds of expertise, always present and which can be called on at any time, apply to the areas: matter, experiences, thoughts, information, knowledge, forms of communication and expression, products and services.

We consider our culturally creative consultancy skill to be the ability to initiate interculturally collective, creative thinking and creation processes in intercultural teams (virtual teams, large and small groups), to conceptually shape them, to methodically implement them, to exemplarily reflect on them and to procedurally evaluate them.

Culturally open creativity as a learned and practiced attitude and behavior of our customers facilitates gaining new insights and the targeted opening of interculturally hidden, obstructed, forbidden or disregarded human or inner-organizational resources. These resources can be used as strategic, visionary or operationally solution-oriented accesses to organizational challenges.

We develop culturally creative process designs and involve the change process of our customer organization correspondingly. Moderated awareness, opening and creative techniques in large and small groups are methodical components of this process. They provide internationally/interculturally oriented organizations potential for innovative solutions, progressive structures, new product ideas, improved services and ingenious strategies.


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